Elastomeric Roofing

elastomeric roof coating

Effective Roof Restoration Services

Elastomeric roofing is a lightweight coating that cleans up your old roof and protects it with a durable finish. For years, Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems has helped property owners around Cincinnati, OH with state-of-the-art roofing solutions. Our seasoned professional technicians will know how to fix your roof and get you the most value for years to come. They have years of experience working on all types of properties and with many different kinds of roofing materials. We’ve invested a great deal of time and resources into making Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems the best team around.

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The Benefits of Elastomeric Roofing

Businesses and commercial property owners love elastomeric roofing for several reasons. They provide a host of advantages that can’t be matched by other commercial or industrial roofing options. Here are some of its main benefits:

  • Water-Resistant: Elastomeric coatings protect seams, flashing, and other parts of your roof commonly susceptible to water leaks. You can count on an elastomeric coating preventing water penetration for years to keep your property well protected.
  • Temperature Regulation: Elastomeric coatings reflect a great deal of heat. That means lower energy bills for your facility. You can keep temperatures cooler without putting a heavy burden on your cooling system. That means more added savings because your other facility systems will last longer.
  • Tax Incentives: Your business or property may be entitled to tax incentives that come with installing elastomeric roofing. The government’s thinking is that the coating will help the environment and lead to longer-term stability.
  • Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan: Perhaps the benefit you’re interested in the most. An elastomeric coating can add years to the life of your roof. With the coating, it adds a protective layer onto your facility to keep dirt, debris, water, and other things from damaging your property. That means real savings because it will be long until you need to replace your roof and you’ll need fewer repairs.

If you own or manage a property in the community, we can help you with a custom elastomeric roof coating for your Cincinnati, OH property. Call Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems at (740) 505-1467 today to ask questions or to set an appointment!