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Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems is the preferred full-service commercial roofer in Cincinnati, OH. We work with businesses in surrounding communities to make sure their facility roofs are performing well and in great shape. If you own a business or manage a commercial facility, we can help. We partner with businesses to offer you the highest quality roofing maintenance, repair, and installation on the market. Our teams love helping commercial clients and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our work!

Contact us today at (740) 505-1467 to hear about our commercial roofing solutions or to schedule an appointment.

A Trusted Partner for Your Business

Managing a commercial facility can be complex. If you’re dealing with a larger facility, there is even more cause for diligent oof maintenance. Keeping your roof in good condition will help make operations smooth and keep costs down. An effective commercial roof helps regulate indoor temperatures and help lower energy bills. They prevent leaks during periods of heavy rain. Commercial roofs also often house different systems like HVAC and plumbing, so it’s critical to care for your roof.

At Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems, we provide comprehensive commercial roofing services for businesses in the communities we serve. How you treat your roof will impact the rest of your business, so choose us for the best service and quality possible. We’ve worked with a wide variety of commercial facilities, from a small retail store to large industrial facilities. Whether you need roof repair after storm damage, or you’re interested in making your building more energy-efficient, our teams can help. We provide service for a variety of roofing structures including:

  • Apartment Complexes and Multi-Family Buildings
  • Agricultural Building Roofing
  • Hospital & Healthcare Roofing
  • Church Roofing Replacement
  • Shopping Centers & Office Building

The Effective Commercial Roofer

A good commercial roofer has the tools and resources to get to you quickly and handle whatever work that’s required. Here’s a brief overview of some of the commercial roofing services we provide:

  • EPDM Roofing – EPDM is a membrane made from synthetic rubber that’s ideal in flat or low-slope buildings. The rubber membrane is extremely flexible, so it’s easy to custom fit to your property no matter how small or large it is, or if it has an unusual shape. EPDM roofing layers can be applied with a torch or can be cold applied, which helps make your roof even more resistant to water and leaks.
  • PVC Membrane Roofing – PVC is a popular choice for businesses across the country. It’s cost-effective and extremely durable. Facility managers love that they can install a PVC roof and not have to worry too much about maintenance. The key with PVC roof membranes is deciding on what thickness you want to purchase. The thicker the roofing layer, the longer it will last and better it will perform. Thicker roof layers can withstand sun exposure, heat, cold, rain, and other wear and tear much better.
  • TPO Roofing – TPO is a newer single-ply membrane that commercial property owners favor because of its ability to reflect heat. It’s great for buildings in areas with hot summers. TPO will help you keep energy costs low and maintain the temperature inside your store or warehouse. They also last a long time, so your investment in a new TPO roof will go much further.
  • Metal Roofing – Metal roofing used to be installed mainly on industrial sites or warehouses. They’ve been popular in workshops and places like storage units for decades. However, improvements in metal roofing technology have led many companies to choose metal for its strength, low maintenance, and overall durability. They’re also relatively affordable. Our technicians can help maintain and repair your metal roof. If you’re interested in whether a new metal roof is a good call for your business, call us today at (740) 505-1467.

Complete Commercial Roofer Service

Businesses expect suppliers, service providers, and partners to deliver. You expect us to meet deadlines and come in under budget estimates. We’re committed to providing you the best commercial roofing experience possible in Cincinnati, OH and will work with you to get your business’ roof looking fantastic! Give us a call at (740) 505-1467 today.

  • Built Up Roofing Commonly referred to as tar and gravel, built up roofing is flexible and adaptive. We can help with any repair or installation you need.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing We specialize in commercial metal roofing solutions. Find out how our metal roof offerings can help your property perform better.
  • Commercial Roof Repair Our technicians can help with any roof repair, large or small. We’ll be there fast to help when something’s wrong with your roof.
  • Cool Roofing Discover how this eco-friendly roofing option can help you reduce energy costs. We offer innovate cool roofing technology to all of our clients.
  • Industrial Roofing Contractor For industrial sites, you need a qualified contractor with the resources to handle your project. We have the years of experience your property needs.
  • Modified Bitumen Repair and Installation Ideal for low-slope roofs, modified bitumen is one of the most popular commercial roofing choices. Learn why we’re preferred for installation and repair.
  • Single Ply Roofing Outfit your roof with a protective membrane to withstand harsh weather that lasts for decades. We have a wide variety of single ply options.
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