Commercial Roofer in Pleasant Hill, OH

If you have been wanting a commercial roofing team for your next roof, Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems is available to you. Our roofing contractors are certified, trained, licensed, and experienced so you have peace of mind. We want just the most for you and that is what you will have over and over. If you want it, we can do it because we always want to make you happy. We decided to specialize in only commercial roofing so that we were able to master the art. We value and take a large amount of pride in how we run our customer service and the quality of work we provide. In order for us to consistently be there for you, we offer 24/7 services. If you wind up with an issue on a roof that we have done, we can be there to repair it in 24 hours. We will never make an excuse if there is an issue with a roof we have installed, we will just get it taken care of right away. Dial (740) 505-1467 when you need a quality commercial roofer for your roofing needs.

  • Flat Roof Coatings  Protect your flat roof with a coating and be sure that it is being taken care of.
  • Metal Roof Coatings  Metal roof coatings are a good way to stay away from stuff like rust and needing to have your roof replaced.

Dependable Commercial Roofing

One of the best decisions you could make is to place a roof coating onto your roof. By putting on a coating of some kind to your roofing system, you are keeping it safer longer than it would be if you didn’t have one. From flat roofing to metal and industrial, we offer a coating for every one of them. Although all roof coatings do different things, they will add an additional 10 years of life to your roofing system. At Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems, we work hard to remain up to date and learn all of the latest and best techniques for you on roofing. If you are worried about installation taking a long time, you don’t need to worry because it is quick and simple. While our roofing contractors are doing their job, they will always be courteous and respectful. If you have concerns about having a roof coating put on in Pleasant Hill, OH, phone us anytime at (740) 505-1467 and we will be more than happy to go over all the benefits, choices, and prices. If you have been thinking about an estimate, phone us, it’s free.

  • Commercial Roof Repair  When you want a commercial roof repair, it is important that you have an expert out to do it right away.
  • Cool Reflective Roofs  A cool roof is something to consider if you would like to lower your energy bills.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing  Metal roofing will provide your commercial roofing system the toughest protection and some metal roofs will even last up to 70 years.


Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofing Installation

Choosing a single ply roofing system for your flat roof is a challenging option. There are pros and cons to each roofing system you have, but a single ply roofing system will withstand the test of time. Depending on weather intensity over the years, your flat roof can get 10 years added of life and seemingly last as long as 50 years. A single ply membrane roll of material is placed onto your roof and leaves a smooth finish. It will continue to keep your roof safe from moisture, fires, and is very durable. It has become an extremely common product because of all of those reasons and because it is economical.

  • TPO Membrane  A TPO membrane roof is something that can keep the sun off of it and lower your energy bills.
  • EPDM Installation  This roofing is popular among single ply roofing and is often located on low slope buildings.
  • PVC Roof Repair  For an affordable roofing system that can stay on your roof and remain strong, a PVC roof is a great option.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration

A great choice that you can make is to have your roof restored instead of replacing it. Sometimes through time, your roofing system can become worn down and start to wear greatly in specific places. Many would think that they have to replace the whole roof, but that is not always the case. Once you have a roofing contractor come out to see the roof, they are able to decide if it can be restored or not. It is better for the environment to have this roofing system done instead of getting an entire new one and it is quicker and simpler. A roof restoration is better than a replacement because it does not contaminate the earth. A roof restoration can use what you already have and make it look like new again, it is a win win.

Metal Roof Coatings

Metal Roof Coatings

Tradesman spray painting the roof of an industrial building

A metal roof on your commercial building is a top decision. You will need to do regular maintenance to keep your metal roof looking the right way, just like with any other roof. Putting on a roof coating is a good decision and will keep it safe. To avoid getting water damage, you can get a roof coating. Holes on your roof could occur when water is on it and gives it water damage. A coating will be able to help keep problems like water damage and rust from happening and increase over 10 years of life to your roof. For a value that cannot be beat by anything else, a roof coating is a solid way to go.