About Us

We specialize in Commercial Roof restoration, Waterproofing, and repair in southern and western Ohio and in northern Kentucky.

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Our commitment 

Since the doors of our company have opened we have specialized in providing long term, energy-efficient, renewable roofing solutions for commercial low slope and flat roofs. Every roof is unique and our end goal is to provide a solution that performs beyond our client’s expectations. Our Paramount Goal is simple: your success and satisfaction! Ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with every roof! Use (740) 505-1467 to contact us, your local commercial roofing company in Cincinnati, OH.

Advanced Premier Material

We have partnered with the Conklin company giving us a direct and close relationship with them. They are committed to providing only the best roofing materials for today’s market and have proven that with many time-tested roofing systems. Conklin entered the commercial roofing market forty years ago and revolutionized it with energy-saving, renewable, acrylic coatings. The “Cool Roof” was originated by the Conklin Company and was featured by the department of energy, and later received their energy star designations. Since then, they have continued to be leaders in the commercial roofing industry and therefore have earned our trust as a company!

Free Roof Evaluation

Our trained technicians provide a thorough, obligation-free inspection of your roof and will discuss the possible solutions we offer for your specific roof. Often there will be more than one option to choose from, and a detailed bid will be provided after the inspection is made. We are here to help you decide what best fits your needs.

Our Guarantee

Not only does Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems strive to provide the best material and workmanship, but also the best warranty that will ensure peace of mind for years to come. Warranties, as we all know, are only as good as the people and companies that stand behind them. That is why Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems continues to build on our already reputable foundation of quality, on time, and clean performance; but more than that, our proven track record with satisfied customers.

We invite you to contact us to provide you with our top-rated service today! Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems is your commercial roofing company here in Cincinnati, OH. Dial (740) 505-1467 to get started!