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Professional Roof Repair and Restoration for Central and Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky!
Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems
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  • Membrane Roof Restoration by Paramont Roofing Systems
    Membrane Roof Restoration by Paramount Roofing Systems
  • Metal Roof Restoration by Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems
    Metal Roof Restoration by Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems
  • Commercial Roof Restoration by Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems
    Commercial Roof Restoration by Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems

Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems, located in the heart of Ohio, between Columbus and Cincinatti provides professional Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings!

Energy Efficient

Our energy-saving restoration is an investment with a monthly return (ROI) every time you pay the utility bill.

Reflecting 85% of the solar rays hitting your Ohio and northern Kentucky commercial roof, the Department of Energy finds that our coatings save an average 15% on air conditioning. Reducing both heat transmission into the building in summer, and heat loss during the cold winter months.

Conventional roof repair is obsolete

Tear-off and replacement is expensive, wasteful, and leaves you with the same type of roof you are having difficutly with now. New metal roofs are riddled with seams and fasteners which are built-in entry points for water, ice, and air infiltration. Membranes and other roofing structures are immediately vulnerable to tears and cracks.


Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems’s integrated coatings seal your commercial roof: the entire restoration structure is bonded to the existing roof, forming an elastic, monolithic, impregnable shield that can’t blow off or tear.


Longevity means that when our integrated, bonded roofing structure reaches maturity, they are usually rejuvenated with a simple recoat. Other solutions, including installation of new roof structures, will have zero residual value and will have to be removed and replaced. In fact you will have a negative residual value as you will be faced with tearing off and disposing of the old structure. The Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems application, however, will still be intimately bonded to the sub-structure, and can be refreshed and qualify for another guarantee.


Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems stand behind their work with a believable guarantee. Backing up the Paramount Commercial Roofing Systems guarantee and experience are the Conklin products, the manufacturers of the arsenal of roofing products we use, with over 30 years of installed product history.

Conklin Products

Conklin ProductsConklin products have been supplying materials and training to specialized roofing contractors for 35 years, and many of their very first applications are still in service today. Their products are UL approved; fire code approved; Energy Star rated by the Department of Energy.

Stop Leaks!

Ends leaks in hottest or coldest environments. No more chasing leaks or damaged equipment and furnishings.


35 years of time proven installations. Many of the first installations still in service.

Save Energy!

In hot areas: reflects heat, insulates, reduces inside temps In cold areas: reduces heat loss, tightens up building.


Actually pays for itself in fraction of long service life. Other systems and new construction just get older.

Better Than New!

Outperforms new roofs in longevity, leak proofing, energy efficiency.

Any Roof!

Flat and Low Slope roofs no problem. Patchwork roofs – mixed metal, tar & gravel, flat/sloped/curved etc. – no problem.

No Tear Off!

Old roof removal not necessary in most cases.

Sustainable! Green!

Typically your old installations can be restored by simple recoating. Saves energy, materials, labor, landfill.

Professional Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings

Central through Southwestern Ohio including, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Chillcothe, Hamilton, Beavercreek, Kettering, Springfield, Miamisburg, Xenia, Wilmington, Kettering, Sharonville, Batavia, Milford, Springdale, Centerville, Grove city, West Chester Township, Hillsboro.

Also we provide service to Northern Kentucky, including, Florence, Maysville, and surrounding cities.

Conklin Roofing Systems Energy Efficient Commercial Roof Cool Roofs Rating Council FM Approved Classified UL